Rezzett - "Meant Like This" LP

The Trilogy Tapes

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Rezzett - "Meant Like This" LP

Meant Like This’ makes up five years of near radio-silence with a reliably sore and bittersweet new volley of works that deglaze classic rave tropes and marinade them in Rezzett’s special, astringent sauce. Skull-scraped reminiscences of rambunctious breakbeat hardcore, lushest mid ‘90s jungle, Detroit techno and Chicago house are rinsed for quintessence and rebuilt with a shoegaze-like romance, with red-lining distortion and noise as a metaphor for the infidelity of memory and motion sickness of time travel. 

- Released in 2023


1. The Goblin Has Fallen In Love 03:24
2. Leg It 03:59
3. Spicy Pipes 05:29
4. Chirrup 03:01
5. Hevvy 04:08
6. The Defiance 05:30
7. Vivz Portal 03:00
8. Off For Spots 06:11
9. Borjormi Spring 04:22
10. Ladbroke 06:59