Lukid - "Tilt" LP


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Lukid - "Tilt" LP

Tilt finds Lukid comfortable once again with a full-length format that provides ample room for his ideas to run amok and ring out in an echo of the prism-cracked production style of his releases on Actress’ Werk Discs. In a classic-contemporary UK style the music feels torn between urbane and pastoral, imagining strains of rugged road and club musics as overgrown by nature and distorted by magnetic fields as the album proceeds from syrupy soul strings treated to patented astringents in the initial ‘End Melody’, to its elegiac ‘End Loop’. 


A1. End Melody    3:08
A2. Haringey Leisure    3:15
A3. Anatolia    3:59
A4. The Great Schlep    2:43
A5. Belly 1    3:41
B1. Belly 2    3:32
B2. Daisy Cutter    2:00
B3. Confessions Of A Wimp    4:16
B4. How It's Made    3:11
B5. End Loop    3:05