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"I love sweatshirts!",

says Italian fashion designer Olmes Carretti, who founded the label "Best Company" in the early 1980s.
The label predominately produced sweatshirts made from heavy cotton based on American collegiate sweatshirts. The use of involved processing methods as well as large embroidered areas, multi-coloured printing and specialised seams.
The world of motifs is derived from nature, animals (flying ducks, wild animals, etc.) or sport (golf, tennis, winter sport or water sports, etc.). Carretti developed the motifs himself based upon precise natural studies and drawings. The label was closed down in the 1980s.
Since then it has achieved cult status and the sweatshirts are highly collectable.
VIER5 visited Olmes Carretti for the first time in early 2003 in Reggio Emilia, where he now lives and works. The book includes an interview with the designer, talking about his process and theory behind the brand. As well as photographs of archive items such as; polos, sweatshirts, tee shirts.