Coke - "Coke" LP

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Coke - "Coke" LP

"Coke" is the band's 1972 debut release LP. This obscure Miami based group produced Latin Funk/Soul/Rock/Pop tracks with the majority of them sung in English. Coke combines the Nu Yorican sound and LA's Chicano funk scene. The Coca Cola company took exception to the band's use of their trademark name, and had their lawyers send a "Cease and Desist" notice, and Coke later on became Opus.


A1. Na Na
A2. You Turn Me On
A3. Got To Touch Your Face
A4. Quiero Decirte
A5. Bun Bun Bun
B1. Ban Bang
B2. Sabor A Mi
B3. Te Amo Mas
B4. Nuestro Amor
B5. Que Seria De Mi