Burnin Beat - 'It's Hot' 12"

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Burnin Beat - 'It's Hot' 12"

Little is known about Burnin Beat, an obscure South African disco outfit who released their sole 12″, It’s Hot, on RPM way back in 1979. They’re a great example of an outfit that, for whatever reason, fell through the cracks. The title track, a lolloping, 11-minute disco workout rich in fluid synth lines, rubbery slap bass, sparring instrument solos and the powerful vocals of Olive Masigna, is something of a long-lost gem. Original flipside “Searchin” is almost as good, with Masigna adding a touching vocal to a backing track that pushes the band’s favourite Moog synthesizer to the fore.


A. Burnin Beat - It's Hot 11:04
B. Searchin' 10:24