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Better™ Gift Shop - "Cap One" 16oz Pint Glass

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Better™ Gift Shop - "Cap One" 16oz Pint Glass

- Made in Canada 

Cap began painting in the Bronx in New York in 1976. His early style was lettering and numbers. In 1979 he began to paint in the street and on trains. In 1981, CAP was considered a “King of Graffiti” and appeared in the famous documentary “Style Wars”. Cap is the only artist to paint live directly in the process for the documentary, his “throwup."

“CAP”’s work has become the most recognized at the time and still to this day. Cap was considered a true outlaw and villain in the world of graffiti and art. He painted over many graffiti murals; since then Cap has painted in many countries around the world and belongs to an infamous crew in New York City called MPC. All original artwork and designs were created exclusively for Better Gift Shop.