Rammellzee NYC 2000 shot by Angela Boatwright 11x14

Rammellzee NYC 2000 shot by Angela Boatwright 11x14


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Rammellzee NYC 2000 shot by Angela Boatwright

11"x14" C print
very limited edition of 15, signed.

Legendary NYC musician and artist Rammellzee photographed on the roof of his apartment building, for a German publication, in 2000.

Rammellzee's graffiti and art work are based on his theory of Gothic Futurism, which, according to Wikipedia, describes the battle between letters and their symbolic warfare against any standardizations enforced by the rules of the alphabet.

Rammellzee knew both William S. Burroughs and Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was hugely influential to so many, "I took George Clinton and Bootsy Collins to the Battle Station [where Rammellzee lived] for the first time, and they left feeling like they’d just had a close encounter,” said the bassist and music producer Bill Laswell, who met Rammellzee in the early 1980s and remained one of the few people who saw him regularly." This taken from an incredible story in the New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/26/arts/design/rammellzees-work-and-reputation-re-emerge.html)

He is and was a creative legend— a huge contributor to graffiti, hip hop culture, and music and art as a whole. He was also an incredibly sweet-hearted, highly intellectual spirit that was way ahead of his time.