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Tim Comix - "Oil Spilled, Wall and Blockade"

Tim Comix

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Tim Comix "Oil Spilled, Wall and Blockade" Painting

-Water Soluble Paint Marker/Glitter on Woodblock 


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-13.75" x 17"

Tim Comix (Mexico City, 1984)His work is inspired by daily life in the city and fictional stories, drawings with gestural lines, basic colors and planes. Work(s) in different media such as illustration, comic, painting and sculpture. Tim Comix is a character created when he was 6 years old; the name is derived from the world “Shy”in Spanish “Tímido.” Years later, he takes up this character in comics and other media to refer to “the spontaneity necessary in artistic creation, as well as the
lost motivation in academic training in the Arts. Where what they teach is a saturation of references, which stuns and is distant from personal creation, both from style as theme “. Tim Comix is about the daily life of a blue humanoid monster, who lives in the Mexico City, experiences that are a mixture of autobiographical stories and fictional, where she meets Lolita’s unrequited love in most of the stories; In addition to wandering the streets, he also likes to observe the sky, spending time with his dog Dadito, and is occasionally contacted by extraterrestrial beings. Through different supports, his work reflects fears, longings, basic-primitive desires of being such as the longing to find love, the fear of losing home, worries about the situation of the animal kingdom, war and more planet issues, the fear of being abandoned, expectations, failures and dreams.