The New Order Issue 28: Revenant

The New Order

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The New Order Issue 28

- Features three covers:

  • Artist CHITO is featured with great distinction for the 28th instalment of THE NEW ORDER as one of the three cover stories for this issue.

    Consisting of 32 pages we take an in-depth look into the world of the artist who is making big moves at the moment.

  • EARL SWEATSHIRT, photographed by Kenneth Cappello in Los Angeles.

    EARL SWEATSHIRT is on the up and we get a great insight into the artist who is making all the right moves with an in-depth interview to accompany the strong visuals.

  • Renowned DJ HARVEY, photographed by James Oliver in Tokyo, we sat down with DJ HARVEY for an in-depth conversation about his thoughts on the music world and how he dedicates himself to his art form.

Featured content in this issue:

THISISNEVERTHAT, featuring JIN DOGG, TETSUYA AKIYAMA (GRILLZ JEWELZ), UCARY VALENTINE, YOSHIFUMI “YOPPI” EGAWA, YUKUMO EGAWA & YUKI BENIYA and photographed by James Oliver. German based label POLYPLOID was photographed in Berlin by photographer Taro Mizutani. BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB / ICECREAM who are currently celebrating its 20th anniversary are featured with a look at the brands history. MAX PITTION, who have relaunched itself his year under the guidance of Tommy O’Gara is featured with a think piece. AKIRA KOSEMURA, composer and pianist was photographed by Yusuke Abe in Tokyo. JUN INAGAWA invited us into his studio providing us with a great insight into his world. Furthermore we have fashion editorials shot in Tokyo and London.