Ritmiche Italiane- "Percussions and Oddities from the Italian Avant-Garde (1976-1995)" LP

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Ritmiche Italiane - "Percussions and Oddities from the Italian Avant-Garde (1976-1995)" LP

Ritmiche Italiane transports the listeners through an anomaly in the fabric of musical space-time, connecting the distant past with the modern era and the plains of a lost continent with the cities of the Italian peninsula.
The artists featured in the compilation strongly believed in the absence of barriers and conventions between genres, fully able to effortlessly put together West-African influences, World music, Jazz and crime movie soundtracks to achieve a boundless, meditative and hypnotic kind of music that still feels relevant today.

- Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remastered

- Country: Italy

- Released: 2022

- Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Folk, World, & Country


A1 - Paolo Modugno - Morte di Soundjata Keita 10:39
A2 - Silvana Simone - Dimensione Ritmo 03:06
A3 - Claudio Tallino - The Rite 04:52
B1 - Ace of Pentacles - Al-Nur 08:18
B2 - Ace of Pentacles - Dancing In The Shadow Of A Palmtree 04:53
B3 - Franca Poli - Jungla 03:35