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Mr. Wash - "Shattered Dreams" Black S/S T-Shirt

Mr. Wash

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Mr Wash - "Shattered Dreams" Black S/S T-Shirt

Tribute to Kobe Bryant by Mr. Wash. Painting displayed at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles.


Known as Mr. Wash the Artist, Fulton Leroy Washington is a wrongfully convicted former inmate who served 21 years of a federally imposed sentence of life without parole, or as he puts it “a death sentence by incarceration”.

Mr. Wash turned the power of the paint brush into a lens through which he observed the hearts, emotions and minds of his subjects, filling his life with stories from fellow inmates serving time from all over the world. He visually portrayed the story of his innocence and yearning of freedom until the manifestation became a reality.

In 2016, former President Barack Obama commuted Mr. Washington’s life sentence without parole, granting him freedom, enabling the Artist to travel around the world to tell his story.