DoBeDo Represents - '08.14-10.19' BY ROSIE MARKS

DoBeDo Represents - '08.14-10.19' BY ROSIE MARKS


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DoBeDo Represents - '08.14-10.19' BY ROSIE MARKS

- 10x13cm

- 534 pages

- Full colour offset

- Paperback Cover

- Perfect Bound

- First Edition of 750 Copies

A photobook by London-based photographer, Rosie Marks, featuring 526 images taken over a five year period between August 2014 and May 2019.

A book was never Marks’ intention when she started taking these photos, they started as more of a reaction against the abundant and deceptive presentation of self-image via social media. She took pictures as a way to capture people in what she felt to be their truest and least self aware state; an unguarded and purer view into the trivialities of others’ lives.

“Taking these pictures was and still is a way of searching for honesty, something I have seldom found while someone is aware of the camera in front of them.”—Rosie Marks, 2020