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Better™ Gift Shop / Otakara NYC - "Skyline" Black L/S

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Better™ Gift Shop / Otakara NYC - "Skyline" Black L/S

- Hand-Stitched and Screenprinted on Camber Blank

- All hand made in New York City, NY.

- Each garment is custom-stitched; note that thread colours may vary.

- Comes with Otakara NYC Pin-Back Button

Born in Japan. Satoshi Suzuki became determined to pursue a career in fashion while attending design college in Tokyo. Suzuki began stitching out Japanese and Native American-inspired designs drawn from his own sketches, which took on additional depth after being washed, worn and reinforced. The joy that resulted from giving his old garments new life spurred Suzuki to create a brand: Otakara (“treasure” in Japanese) NYC.