Infinite Archives "End Racism" Grey S/S Tee


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Infinite Archives "End Racism" Grey S/S Tee

-Front & Back Print

-Grey Tee

-Original GOODENOUGH graphic 

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1991- The world witnessed Rodney King violently beaten by the LAPD. Halfway around the globe in Japan, music producer, writer, FRAGMENT DESIGN owner and fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara watched the incident unfold. In response to the police brutality & discrimination he witnessed, Hiroshi decided to release a special edition t-shirt, featuring his now iconic END RACISM design for GOODENOUGH.

Later, the design was revived by Atsuyo Kitano and he reissued the END RACISM design in response to the unjust killings of Kimani Gray, and Michael Brown by police officers. The shirt was not only a symbol of solidarity, but a reminder that we must end the cycle of systematic racism and police brutality once and for all. GOODENOUGH concluded as a brand officially in 2017.


 Black Lives Matter.